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Delivery of alcohol in Dubai: everything you need to know about the laws

Delivering alcohol to Dubai is a complex and often confusing topic. In this article, we will try to clarify the main laws governing the delivery of alcohol in this city.Firstly, there are certain restrictions on the sale and consumption of alcohol in Dubai. Alcohol can only be consumed in specially permitted places, such as bars, restaurants and clubs that have a license to sell alcohol.Secondly, delivery of alcohol to Dubai is only available to persons who have reached the age of majority (21 years old). This means that when ordering alcohol online or through delivery services, you may be required to show proof of your age.Thirdly, when ordering alcohol through delivery in Dubai, always read the terms and conditions of service. Some delivery services may have their own restrictions and requirements for ordering alcohol.It should also be noted that Dubai has strict anti-alcohol laws. Violation of these laws can result in serious consequences, including criminal prosecution. Therefore, when ordering and consuming alcohol in Dubai, always comply with the city's laws and do not abuse alcohol.Additionally, it is important to note that alcohol delivery in Dubai may be limited to certain hours or days. This is due to the regular inspections and control measures taken by the Dubai authorities to comply with laws and ensure the safety of the public.Bottom line, if you are planning to order alcohol through a delivery service in Dubai, be aware of the laws and regulations governing this area. Observe age restrictions, do not violate anti-alcohol laws and respect local traditions and customs. 

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